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Our Services

The Major Services Provide By Us Are

Luxury Rooms

We provide Bed and Breakfast service to all our customers.

New Royal Family Restaurant

We provide family restaurant in affordable price.

Deluxe Room

We provide the 24 Hour Front Desk service to our all customers.

Royal Banquet & Royal Married Lawn

we provide Royal Banquet & Royal Married Lawn in Affordable price.

24hr Room service

We give the 24hr service to all our customers.

Free Wi Fi

We also help to our customer for choosing the travel assistance.



Welcome To Our Small Paradise


Contemporary, themed living space classically designed and furnished to give guests warm and pleasant stay.


Mugal, Rajputana and Arabian themed living space with artistic furnishings, elegant ambience of richness.


Egyptian, Peshwa, Rajputana and contemporary themed, classic designed living area and beautifully furnished .


Hotel Royal Regency, a hotel in Nagpur located in the heart of the city is known for its warm hospitality and service. Persistently striving to be the best and vouching for best service in hospitality in Nagpur, we have come a long way since our inception in 2014


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